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Introducing a fresh way to
enjoy cannabis concentrates!

Activated Microdosing with 2.5mg per puff!
Available in 500mg & 1,000mg; CBD & THC options

Order Online: http://www.Greencollarcannabis.com/menu


“Our goal at Sticky Budz™ is to transform our love and knowledge of the cannabis plant into a leading and globally recognized cannabis enterprise. Our passion has won us a Dope Cup, a devoted fan base, and a thriving business with over 40 employees. We view consumers and retailers as our partners and we take pride in producing fair priced and consumer safe cannabis. We provide excellent products and customer service with a positive attitude because we believe that building lasting relationships with our consumer and retail partners will bring stability and longevity to the Cannabis industry.Our staff features quality individuals from all walks of life and professions, united by unwavering adoration of cannabis and a commitment to be the best in cannabis production. Sticky Budz™ has been and continues to be an active part of the legalization movement. We aspire to promote further growth in local communities by creating even more jobs. We believe that providing affordable recreational cannabis products to adults can bring an end to the clandestine black market.”

Read more at: https://stickybudz509.com/about-us/

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