Founded in 2014, it’s no secret why this Washington State producer is so well known. From its flashy, strain-specific packaging to its trichome-dense product, Phat Panda always stands out. The company supplies quality cannabis to many of our rainy state’s highest-rated cannabis retailers, and Green Collar is proud to be on that list.

After their latest expansion this last summer, Phat Panda has been able to produce beloved favorites like Golden Pineapple and OG Chem on an even grander scale. Both of these strains are complex and delightful in flavor, and consistently test high in THC potency. Fantastic product aside, if there’s one thing about Phat Panda which sets it apart, it’s cultural knowledge. This company entered the market understanding that not only do stoners love smoking weed, they love naming each strain, finding differences in flavors and effects, and getting acquainted with their toking buddy’s favorites.

So even though this producer might not stick to conventional naming in relation to genetics, Phat Panda has created a huge following by doing something different. One hit and you’ll be convinced.