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  • October 17, 2017
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New Harvard Study Suggests Cannabis Can Increase Your Brain Function.


This new study out of Harvard University titled “Spendor in the Grass” Is a new study looking at the impact of cannabis on the brain indicates that marijuana can increase a person’s brain functions.

The scientist state that despite the increased availability of marijuana with the spread of legalization, their trials are the first to use  what is called a post-design model in which the patient’s executive brain functions are tested before and after long-term use of marijuana

The new research states that the history of marijuana prohibition has been biased because of the federal prohibition on cannabis but new studies have shown the usefulness of the plant. They also note that while marijuana has proven to have negative effects on the brain development of adolescents and kids, most cannabis users as adults are well past the stage of cognitive brain development.

As a result, researchers decided to test whether cannabis could have the opposing effect of increasing a users brain function rather than inhibiting it. The Harvard scientist chose the lower CBD strain of the plant because of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Some of the chemical compounds like tetrahydrocannabivarin and cannabigerol are believed to be neurogenic or neuroprotective which means that they are involved either in restoring the brains lost cells or preventing their degeneration.

Diffusion MRI, also referred to as diffusion tensor imaging or DTI, of the human brain

The scientist conducted the study over a length of 12 months on 32 different subjects who would then go through regular testing after 3, 6 and finally, 12 months of the initial trial period before high CBD cannabis was administered.

The patients were instructed to take a series of test including one that is called the Stroop Color Word Test, in which patients are shown a word such as Blue, but expected to nae a different color assigned to the respective letters. After only three months of high CBD treatment, the patients showed an increase in their ability to complete all test regarding speed or accuracy., suggesting to researchers that the CBD treatments over a set period of time increased brain function.

The Scientist acknowledge that the small sample size of thirty-two patients was a small sampling of the population in whole and that the nature of the research prevented them from making use of placebos since patients received their medication from different dispensaries and doctors. But they are still optimistic about the results.

To read the full study go this link.

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