• February 3, 2020
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New cannabis compound could get you 30 times higher than THC
By Hannah SparksFebruary 3, 2020

Italian scientists have discovered a new cannabis compound that could be as much as 30 times stronger than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the stuff in weed that gets you high.

However, the researchers admit that the newfound cannabinoid, named tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or THCP, has not actually been tested for its intoxicating effects.

Authors of the report, published in the journal Nature, estimated THCP’s effects by assessing its ability to bind to human cannabinoid receptors, which impacts the entire nervous system, scientists say. THCP has a bond 33 times stronger than THC, and 63 times stronger than another compound called THCV.

“This means that these compounds have a higher affinity for the receptors in the human body,” Cinzia Citti, lead study author, tells CNN. “In cannabis varieties where THC is present in very low concentrations, then we can think that the presence of another, more active cannabinoid can explain those effects.”

Read the full report at New York Post
By Hannah SparksFebruary 3, 2020

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