Bud Stars is a group of Green Collar Cannabis hottest and best pot smokers on the West Coast. Join us weekly for our pod cast where we try new cannabis products, have weed contest and get baked out of our minds so that we can bring you the best new products in our dispensaries Green Collar North located in Edmond’s and Green Collar South located in Tacoma Washington. Like our Facebook page located here and join in every Wednesday for the fun beginning at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time. When you want to review and try out new recreational marijuana products there is no better show than bud stars. We have some of the West Coast most popular stoners including Custom Grow 420 and various local musical talents.

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Bud Stars Live on December 06 2017

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Bud Stars Live on November 30 2017

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Bud Stars Live on October 30 2017




Bud Stars Live on October 15 2017

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Green Collar Bud Stars
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Top pot smokers in the world.
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