10 Facts About Marijuana

1. It is impossible to overdose from smoking weed

In order for you to overdose from cannabis, you would need to consume 40,000 times more than the average sitting within a short amount of time.  And consuming that much at one time is physically impossible. No person in the recorded history of time has ever overdosed from smoking marijuana.


2. Obesity rates are thirty-three percent lower for marijuana users.

Clinical studies show that marijuana use reduces your risk of being obese by 1/3. Scientist believes that cannabis helps your body regulate blood sugars. This very same reason is why pot is being studied for treatments of type 2 diabetes.


3. African Americans have a 330% more chance of being arrested for marijuana possession.

A report by the American Civil Liberties’ Union, that number is eight times more likely ins some states, including Iowa, Washington DC and Minnesota. A recent Nixon official admitted that the drug war was started in the seventies as a way to target African Americans and hippies.


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4. Legalizing Marijuana in the 50 states would earn $10+ billion in tax revenue.

Weed Legalization would save the US Government and states billions of dollars in law enforcement and prison cost.  It is estimated that states spend 3.6 billion on marijuana law enforcement cost each year. This is money that could be going to pay our teachers and improving our schools.


5. 160 million people in the world use marijuana

That is roughly 3 percent of the entire planet. Different cultures around the world have been using the marijuana plant for as long as recorded history.

6. A third of Marijuana grown in the US is indoors.

Because marijuana is illegal to grow federally, outdoor growing brings unwanted attention. The bad thing about indoor growing is that it uses the same amount of power as 1.7 million homes. Mother Jones reported that is the same amount as 7 power plants.


8. There are 111 different cannabinoids in marijuana

Cannabinoids are the chemicals found in the cannabis plant. THC and CBD are the most common cannabinoids in weed. THC and CBD are the most talked about but there are many more beneficial compounds found in the plant including, CBN and CBG. Both are known to have medicinal effects. If the federal government allowed research we could find many more medical benefits from the rest of the compounds.



8. Couples who smoke cannabis are less likely to experience domestic violence.

The more marijuana you smoke, the less violent you become.  The reason is when you smoke cannabis it slows you down. When you some weed, you’re less likely to become violent and aggressive when you are confronted with aggressive stimulation.


Marijuana Facts Tacoma

Marijuana Facts Tacoma


9. Moderate Cannabis consumers have higher IQ’s

A study completed by Carleton University found that marijuana users that smoked 5 joints a week or less had higher IQ than those who didn’t smoke. IQ scores of 70 participants were measured from ages 9 to 12.  The then measured the subjects again between the ages of 17 and 20, each was separated by the level of marijuana use. Moderate cannabis users scored the highest.

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Marijuana Facts Tacoma

10. THC can stay in your blood for over 27 days.

The amount of time that marijuana stays in your body mainly depends on your rate of metabolism. Multiple studies show that THC stays in regular marijuana users for an average of 27 days. For people who smoke weed less that number is reduced to 10 days.


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